Upcoming Webinars

December 20, 2021

We will be kicking off 2022 with a  variety of new webinars.  The mission of Women in Energy, is to connect and empower women working in the energy industry. We do this by providing career resources, creating networking and mentoring opportunities, promoting educational courses, and developing strategies to minimize obstacles women may face in the industry.  Some of our energy related webinars are designed to educate anyone willing to learn more about other sources of energy.  Besides sources of energy, we’ll explore some of the products that get that energy to our homes and businesses.

If you work in the Energy Industry and have a specialty that you wish to share with us, send an email to jgarber@wewomeninenergy.com

Each of our presenters has been carefully sought out.  They know their “stuff”.  We invite you to join us as we learn more about Energy!  To view our upcoming schedule to date, click here.  There are more topics in the pipeline that will be added as we move into the new year.