WE Mentorship Program

We are thrilled to announce the creation of an inspirational new Women in Energy Mentorship Program!

The energy industry shapes the world we live in, and women play a pivotal role in creating that future. That’s why we’re bringing together a circle of empowered female mentors and mentees who will uplift one another to new heights.

The mission of the Women in Energy Mentorship Program is to embolden rising stars and encourage them to harness their innate strengths, amplify their voices with courage, and step into their calling as leaders in the energy revolution.

When women support each other, magic happens. We can’t wait for you to be a part of this spark and this sisterhood.

Pamela (Pam) Morrissey, Director of Energy Support, Cargas is spearheading this new program and hosted an information session, March 13th.  Attendees learned more about the program and now we are looking for Mentors and Mentees that want to connect.

Please note:  our goal is to match our mentees with mentors by late May 2024.  Our Zoom Meet and Greet will be June 6th at 2:00.

Missed the webinar introducing the program?  Want to learn more?  Click here to view the webinar.

We will unite to illuminate the future together! Who’s in to shine?

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PARTICIPANTS:  It is strictly prohibited for mentors to use the Women in Energy Mentorship Program as a means to recruit or solicit mentees for employment opportunities within their own organizations.  This program is designed to foster genuine, long-term mentorship relationships focused on the mentee’s professional and personal growth.  Any attempt to poach mentees for job openings will be a considered as a breach of trust and a violation of the program’s core principles.  We urge all mentors to maintain the integrity of the mentor-mentee relationship and to support their mentees’ career development without ulterior motives.