About Us

Women in Energy is a 501C3 national association founded 2018 by established members of the oil and energy industries with years of experience under their belts. Our goal is to create a community for energy professionals focused on education, mentorship, and growth. We offer advancement tools for women currently working in the energy industry and promote opportunities for future careers in our field. Membership is available for individuals (women and men) and corporations that wish to further their professional development within in the oil and energy industry.

Connecting and Empowering Women in the Energy Industry

  • Resources for women who are exploring the oil and energy industry as a career choice
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities in the industry
  • Professional development through educational classes
  • Promotions of contributions women have made within the oil and energy industry
  • Strategies that minimize obstacles women might face in the oil and energy industry

A good example of Promotions of Contributions women have made within the oil & energy industry is evident in this video.  Women have contributed to the Energy industry for many years and this was our way of letting all know  what a great industry this is!

Interested in pursuing a career or continuing your professional advancement in the oil, energy, HVAC, heating, or cooling industries? See how Women in Energy can help. Contact us today!