2023-2025 Officers, Trustees and Committees

Women in Energy was established by a group of passionate professionals seeking an arena for women in the energy industry to connect, grow, and succeed. Our officers and trustees have the credentials and experience to do just that.


Executive Director

Judy Garber


Beth Tocco

Tevis Energy

Senior Vice President

Liz Hill


Vice President

Pam Giordano

Cetane Associates


Nicole Glase

Clyde S. Walton, Inc.


Marjorie Feinman

Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

Past President

Erin Holohan Haskell



Loreli Headley

HOP Energy

Allison Heaney


Katrina Ohl

Scully Signal Corp.

Stacy Papa

FW Webb

Steph Schreyer

Cargas Systems

Charlene Tennison

Buckeye Partners


Membership Outreach Committee

Beth Tocco, Tevis Energy
Deena Doyle, Qualpay
Jamie Clark, Consumer Focus
Nicole Glase, Clyde S. Walton Co

Education Committee

Justine McCarthy, Powderhorn Agency
Julie Valvo, Wilcox Energy
Pam Giordano, Cetane
Allison Heaney, Skaggs-Walsh
Stacy Papa, F.W. Webb
Charlene Tennison, Buckeye Partners

Annual Conference Committee

Jennifer LeClerc, Consumer Focus
Kathleen Murray, Phillips, National Grid
Shawn Franklin, Tevis Energy
Alissa Johann, Clyde S. Walton Co
Pippy Ostrow, Energy Kinetics

Awards Committee

Jessica Reeder, PPA, Chair
Steph Schreyer, Cargas Systems
Pam Giordano, Cetane
Kris DeLair, ESEA, 2023 Woman of the Year
Elaine Levin, Powerhouse, 2023 Woman of the Year

Industry Outreach Committee

Liz Hill, Primedia, Chair
Bobbi Hill, W.B. Hill
Brenda Sinclair, Quogue Sinclair Fuel
Rosemarie Bartchak, Boyertown Furnace/Columbia Boiler
Veronica Miller, 2023 Mentorship Award Winner, Southern Belle Heating & Cooling, LLC
Jackie Hart, Hart Home Comfort
Heather Walleck, Trombly Plumbing & Heating

Nominating Committee

Note:  Added during Election Year

Mentorship Program Committee

Pam Morrissey, Cargas, Chair
Jessica Reeder, PPA


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