The Energy Industry Needs You

March 22, 2021

As you explore your future, we ask, “Have you ever considered working in the Energy Industry?”  We happen to think it is a terrific industry that offers employees more than just a job – it is a career with advancement opportunities.

The idea behind our Mentorship Program, is to introduce young women to our industry.  Women in Energy is a group of energy professionals that have worked in the industry for many years.  Most of us didn’t consider getting a job in the energy industry – we just were looking for a job where we could utilize our skills and talents.  The Energy Industry offers all of that and more – we are engineers, marketing and sales professionals, accountants, technology experts and more.  Members include business owners and managers, association executives, customers service reps . . .  the list goes on.  So as a student or woman hoping to make a career change, you might want to tune into our special virtual Mentorship Program, September 15th at 12:15pm.  Our panel will represent just a few of the professionals that work in our industry.  You will hear directly from them.

We also plan on setting up a network of women mentors – interested in connecting with one of them?  We will be setting that up shortly.  In the meantime, feel free to send us an e-mail and letting us know of your interest.

During our webinar, we will also be presenting our 2021 Mentorship Award Winners.  To learn more and apply for one of these awards, click on the Mentorship for 2021 award.