2020 Mentorship Award Announced

January 29, 2020

Women in Energy wants to do our part in introducing more women to the energy industry.  As a “young” association comprised of many talented professional women, who in many cases, entered the energy industry by happenstance, we have a story to share.

Thus, our Mentorship Program was founded.  The goal of the Women in Energy Mentorship Award is to invest in our industry’s future by providing students with valuable connections and tools for success, as well as highlighting the outstanding career opportunities available within the energy industry.

We know that many jobs in the energy industry offer advancement, security, interesting connections, and rewarding work. Our members include women and men working in various areas, including HVAC companies, manufacturing, fuel dealers, fuel truck and equipment sales, insurance agencies, media organizations, technology firms, and more.  But how do we reach potential employees so that we can tell our story?  Visit this page on our website to learn more about our program and take a minute and view a short video.

The deadline to apply for this award is April 1, 2020.  To download the application, click on the link 2020 Women in Energy Mentorship Award.