XENA Workwear – Empowering Women in Energy Members to Step Up in Style

July 1, 2021

We’re happy to announce that Women In Energy has developed its first partnership with an aligned business – and its one that meets our goals beautifully. Xena Workwear, our new partner, designs stylish and functional personal protective equipment (PPE) for professional women – and is offering special savings for our members.

The mission of Women In Energy is to connect and empower women working in the energy industry by providing career resources, creating networking and mentoring opportunities, promoting educational courses, and developing strategies to minimize obstacles women may face in the industry.

When our group was incorporated in 2017, our goal was to fill a void. The founders of the group came from different backgrounds in the energy industry and all felt there was no place in a male dominated industry for women to connect, thus Women in Energy was established. In the same vein, Xena Workwear designs PPE for those same women in male dominated industries.

Anastasia (Ana) Kraft founded Xena Workwear. As a manufacturing engineer, she recognized the need for shoes and clothing that worked for women, and after exhaustive research, design, prototyping, and development launched her first steel-toe model in May, 2019. The Gravity safety shoe features a feminine design without compromising on any safety or functionality. The first pair off the production line was expedited and hand-delivered to a woman recovering from shoulder surgery who desperately needed the new zip-up boots. This experience set the tone for Xena’s commitment to providing personal and unparalleled customer service.

Xena now offers several steel toe, electrical hazard, and safety shoes, booties and boots that prove you can be fashionable and OSHA and ASTM compliant at the same time. They also offer blazers and tee-shirts, the latter emblazoned with the message, “The right man for the job may be a woman.” You can almost imagine she made those shirts specifically for Women In Energy members!

“Looking at where Xena stands today, I couldn’t be happier, or more optimistic that we can make a difference. Join me on a journey to build a community of women leaders who will inspire young girls to step into any role with confidence,” Ana says of her business.

Today, Ana is the CEO of Xena Workwear. She serves as a Committee Board member of ASTM International, advocating for the safety needs of women in STEM and the trades and is also on the Board of FMFM, a non-profit building stable food and water sources in East / West Africa.

We are happy to welcome Ana and Xena Workwear to the Women in Energy family. Please show your support by visiting and shopping at xenaworkwear.com. When you place your order, use gift code XENA+WOMENINENERGY at checkout to save $20.00 off your purchase.