Thinking Positively

April 9, 2020

So what are you doing to keep your sanity, self-control and well-being?  I am thankful that we are heading into spring vs. winter.  We have typical spring days here in Central PA.  Yesterday, I could wear shorts and today a heavy sweater.  But that’s okay, that is normal.  And normal is a good feeling.

Two years ago my husband I were thinking of removing all of our gardens.  We have a small 35 acre farm that includes a 2 acre lawn.  We decided that we were tired of the flower and vegetable gardens – too much work.  Then last year, they were absolutely beautiful.  How can you dig up something so beautiful?  So we worked at maintaining them and prepped them in the fall and things are looking pretty good for 2020.

Here are a couple of photos from our 2019 gardens – including my favorite – Strawberries!


And here are a couple of shots of our early gardening just done.  Once the Azaleas and Iris open, I will update again.  So keep coming back!

Now, tell me what you are doing – other than eating or watching TV.  How about a good book?  A special project that you have put off?  Let’s share some ideas.