2020 Virtual Women in Energy Conference

Women in Energy is adapting to these challenging times and we remain committed to connecting and empowering industry professionals through educational programs and career-building resources.

Instead of an annual in-person Conference, Women in Energy will host a virtual Conference on June 23-24, 2020. We invite you to join us for this complimentary event.

We have put together an educational program that we trust will help you overcome challenges and strengthen your skill set during these unprecedented times. Just click on each title to get an idea of what the session is about.

This event is open to all. If you are not a member, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to explore our programs and join our organization at a discounted rate. (The discount code will be available during event registration.) One of the many benefits of membership is being able to meet other industry professionals and grow your network despite working from home.

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Registration is complimentary and requires only one registration by each attendee.  This registration is good for both days.  We hope you join for the entire event because we have some special surprises, but we know that schedules change so feel free to join at any time and reconnect as well.  Click on the Red Button to Register.

Our 2020 Program Schedule

Note:  Click on each session to get a description of each presentation


Tuesday, June 23

Welcoming Comments, President, Roberta Fagan
11:15 - 11:30am

See who will be recognized as 2020 Woman of the Year.

11:35 - 12:15pm

Women are nurturers by nature. We tend to care for others before taking care of ourselves and overall, we are OK putting ourselves last.  However, during uncertain times or when higher than normal stress is present, our propensity to give to and take care of others can cause us to neglect ourselves.  When we stop focusing on self-care and taking care of ourselves the unfortunate reality is that we are creating a heightened negative environment. Simply, we are making it worse on everyone around us, and thus, we suffer the consequence.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Embracing why being selfish is self-less
  • Learning what you can do to enhance your self-care
  • Knowing how to balance self so you can balance others
  • Understanding family and work impacts of not taking care of your self

About the Presenter

Amy is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their growth potential. She has more than twenty years experience designing marketing and sales strategies, facilitating leadership, marketing, and sales training, and coaching in the areas of self-awareness, communication skills enhancement and overall soft-skills for professional development.In addition to facilitating sales and leadership development programs for organizations, and speaking on leadership, feedback and management topics, she serves as an adjunct professor of business management, leadership, marketing and communications. She has received awards for marketing, communications, and sales campaigns and am a published author in the accounting, franchise, retail oil and propane, and retail dealer industries. My experience includes working for a top 20 US CPA firm, a national management consulting firm, and providing consulting services to clients in the dealership, accounting, business/family succession, retail oil and propane, and franchise industries.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and MBA in Leadership from Franklin Pierce University.


Leave this session with knowledge to enhance your self-care skills and confidence, so that you can better manage and take care of others during uncertain times.

A little about Aimee


12:20 - 1:00pm

Stop being honest with your customers. It’s hurting your business. What I mean by this is– stop telling customers what you can’t do. They don’t care. They don’t care if you don’t give pricing over the phone. They don’t care if you don’t have availability today. They don’t care what your policies are. Even if all of that is true, they often misunderstand and misinterpret what you are really trying to say. What they care about is how you provide them with some kind of solution. It’s time to learn how to be really honest with your customers in a positive way. Knowing and practicing how to shift your responses will not only provide your customers with the WOW experience they are looking for, it will also instill confidence and belief in your employees to find proactive solutions for every problem that may arise. These 10 top things to never say, along with the tools on what you should say, is a vital step in transforming the growth of your employees, culture, and all around business.

About the Presenter

Erica Leonor is a highly influential Customer Experience Coach and Sales Trainer at Power Selling Pros. She actually considers herself a Master Jedi Trainer because one of her many talents is using “the force” to influence others to create WOW experiences for their customers. She received a BA in Anthropology from BYU-Hawaii and has traveled around the world working with and studying different cultures and peoples. She has an extensive background in coaching and training that ranges from customer service to leadership, substance abuse treatment, and cultural awareness. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Women in HVACR and thoroughly enjoys bringing opportunities to and creating awareness for women across the industry. She has a YouTube channel with her husband called “The Leonor Life” where they share their multicultural adventures with the world.

1:05 - 2:00pm

These successful business leaders will share with the audience their experiences navigating change within their companies.  This change is varied – it could be folding in new companies and employees into their fold, adding new products or services to their energy offerings or it could be major company policies.

Learn the ups and downs our panelists have experienced throughout their careers.

About our Presenters

Cheryl Merchant is the President of Taco Comfort, Inc., Cranston, RI

Jennifer Goldbach is the VP of Business Development, Rhoads Energy, Lancaster, PA

Wednesday - June 24

10 - 10:30am

This two-part session will be presented by:

Janene Naugle, Virtual Marketing Specialist, Utilities Employees Credit Union – her topic:

Managing Finances Today Makes Saving for Tomorrow Possible




Gina Katrinak, Investment Executive, Utilities Employees Investment Services – her topic:

Retirement Planning in Challenging Times

10:35 - 11:10am

Ruth Rauls & Associate of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr will give us a general legal view of what’s ahead with the changes in the workplace pertaining to Covid 19

11:15 - 11:55am

Our panel will discuss some of their experiences – good and bad – and how  they have handled them during this epidemic and how those experiences have proven positive to them.  This discussion is meant to let all know we are all dealing with a higher level of stress than usual and no one is really alone.  We will have some fun and share some stories.

Our panel includes:

Michelle Wilson, Consumer Focus, Portsmouth, NH

Bobbi Hill, W.B. Hill Co., E. Longmeadow, MA

Marci Gagnon, Qualpay, San Mateo, CA




NOON - 12:55pm

This session is designed for those that want to better understand the basics of heating systems for oil and propane.  John Levey presented an earlier webinar, Technical Training for non-Technical People.  That session was very well received and the attendees requested more information.  Thus fitting that this Part 2 be presented during our conference.  Members of our group can view Part 1 by going to the member section of our website.

John Levey, Oilheat Associates and Eric Leskin, Consumer Focus will be presenting this session and the attendee will learn more about:

  • Oilheat Systems
    • Warm Air
    • Steam
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Water Heaters
  • Controls – the “thing on the wall”
  • Service – what are technicians looking for?



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