Nothing beats a phone call . .

May 27, 2020

When you are angry or irritated about a shopping experience, a service, especially during this epidemic, what is your first inclination?  Social media blast?  Stop and think.  Calm down and relax a moment and then try writing and sending the company a well detailed e-mail.

I, like many consumers, like buying local when I can.  We happen to have a very nice grocery store near us that offers the best in fresh seafood, prime meats and fresh produce from local farms.  They also have a wonderful garden center.  Their store associates have been with them for years and thus, not the youngest staff.  They don’t have self check-out and they actually have people working in almost all of their dozen plus registers.  Actually I happen to love self-check out in the big box store.  Why?  Because I don’t want to deal with a cranky kid or an adult that doesn’t want to be at work.  During this epidemic, they excelled.  They adapted and they stayed on top of inventory, cleanliness, etc.  I share this background because this is a great way to start an e-mail – especially if it is true and you are authentic.

So the point of the e-mail.  After providing them with the positive experience, I shared with them my dismay about seeing an elderly man and woman in the seafood department with no mask and they were accompanied by a store associate.  They were having a wonderful time as I attempted to breathe though the mask and getting more irritated by the minute.  I provided the details – day, time, etc.  and hit send.  To my surprise, on Memorial Day I received a call from the store manager.  Did he make me feel important!  We spoke for 15 minutes and honestly, instead of 50% of my shopping dollars they will get 90% of my future purposes.

Share with me some of your customer service stories.  What did I learn?  Stay off of some of the damaging social media sites.  Neighbors tattling on neighbors is not productive or helpful in any way.