Valuable Contributions from Members

October 15, 2020

It is often noticed that we have many talented women within our organization. We also have vey generous members that are willing to share their talents. When Kris DeLair, Executive Director of ESEANY (Empire State Energy Association) reached out and asked if we would like to contribute an article to their 2020 Annual Magazine, the answer was yes.  Member, Aimee Allen, Degree Consulting, agreed to writing an article.  Aimee has been instrumental in helping members deal with these unknown challenging times.  She has done a number of webinars on the topics of dealing with the added stress that COVID has brought on and self-care just to mention a few.  Her article, which you can read in the magazine is titled, Reflecting, Learning & Adapting in Unknown Times.  She reached out to a couple of members in upstate New York to share their thoughts as well.

One of the contributors, Marcia Booth, VP and Chief Operating Officer with Main-Care Energy offered this advice for others, “Reflect and learn from where we have been.  She is working to put what they have learned into place to make their organization more effective and efficient.  One specific area is making remote work more successful.”  Another contributor, Denise Brigham, CEO of Reinhardt Corp, advices that heading into the heating season it is important to keep on open mind and adapt to each individual day as they come.

Thank you to all that contributed to this story!