Happy February! Here are some tips to pass on to your co-workers and members for Valentine’s Day.

February 4, 2023

  A message from another one of our Silver Corporate Member and partner.

It’s reported that on Valentine’s Day 2023, Americans will spend roughly $26 billion or roughly 6 dozen eggs if you’ve been calculating the costs like I have recently! Even if you aren’t in a relationship, it’s hard not to get caught up with some fresh flowers to chase away the winter blues or your favorite sweet treat. Here are a few tips to make sure your wallet feels the love too!

Cash In Credit Card Points: By now I am sure you have seen the points you’ve racked up on your credit and debit card from all those December holiday purchases. Why not use them to get a few gift cards to your favorite restaurant or to help with the cost of that perfect gift! If your checking account or credit card doesn’t offer rewards, check out what UECU has to offer through our Rewards Program.

Shop Local: We get it, one click and done! Online shopping has made buying more convenient than ever. So convenient that something handpicked and personal adds an extra splash of special to your gift. Make your gift special, go to the local thrift store and find a cute vintage plate! Next, stop by your local small business candy shop or bakery and pick out some fresh treats for your loved one (or for yourself – no one is judging). Not only will this be a more personal item, but you get the added bonus of supporting a small business!

Invest The Future: Gifts can be temporary. You open them and they are great in the moment, but then a few months down the road the gift is going in the donation/ yard sale bin. Instead of spending that money, open a CD or Money Market (check out our current interest rates here). Opening a special account can also be a great gift for the children in your life! A Coverdell IRA or 529 plan for their post-graduation education is a great start to show your love for years to come.

Give Your Time and Attention: Expressing your love doesn’t require sacrificing your finances. Life has become busy! Expressing your love with quality time together can mean so much more! Cook that nice meal at home or order from your favorite takeout place then catch up on your latest show, together! Going for a nice walk without your phones or other distractions is time well spent to focus on each other!

Whatever path you choose, listen to your partners desires and your budget. There is nothing more heartbreaking than receiving a credit card bill the following month that you won’t be able to pay off or realizing you put a huge damper on your summer fun!

If there are any financial questions you have been yearning to ask, feel free to  email Paula Simmons. Nothing warms her heart more than making sure you love your financial future.