2022 and our 2020 Mentorship Award Winners are Recognized

June 5, 2022

The goal of the Women in Energy Mentorship Award is to invest in our industry’s future by providing women with valuable connections and tools for success, as well as highlighting the outstanding career opportunities available within the energy industry. 

Our 2020 Winner, Sutton Woolley, is still in high school.  She works in her family business, Woolley Home Solutions.  Her parents and brother are here to support her.  Since we didn’t formally recognize Sutton at our 2020 event, we wanted her to have the full experience at this conference.  We will have to wait until sometime in the future to find out what Sutton future holds.

Our 2022 Winner, Veronica Miller, is a 35-year-old mother of three children. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina and is currently attending Trident Technical College, enrolled in their residential HVACR program, but also plans on continuing her education on to the commercial side as well.

Bobbi Hill,W.B. Hill Co. and Liz Hill, PriMedia Company lead our Mentorship Committee.

She had a 13-year career in nursing but felt a calling to something else. She was working as a home hospice nurse when she saw firsthand some of the living conditions some the patients under her care were experiencing. She realized that the energy industry too could be a very rewarding career.

Her program coordinator, David Provenzano, Trident Technical College, letter of recommendation stated, “Veronica is an excellent student, articulate, and bright with a solid academic background.  She is well prepared for the classroom, always on top of her work and ready to contribute in a thoughtful manner.  Having women like Veronica with interest in the AC&R field is why I am providing this letter of support for her.”

Veronica’s goal is to one day have her own company. She wants to be able to find energy efficient and cost-effective ways to give back to people in the community.

The second, “the driving force for me to accomplish my goals is for women. I grew up in a family of only girls. I have a daughter, the only girl in our family on both sides. I plan to show her there is nothing women cannot accomplish, even when being the minority in a field. I want to give people the option of feeling comfortable getting reliable services from a woman. I want to excel in innovation, knowledge, and skill. I want these values to be the drive behind my service and customer interactions that will have people recommending my services to others”.

She feels making connections, meeting other women in the industry, and always learning will be beneficial to reach her dreams one day.

Congratulations to both of these young women!