2022 Woman of the Year Award Winner, Denise Brigham

May 31, 2022

Again, this year, we received some outstanding applications for this award.  We knew that there were many talented and smart women in “the shadows” that were making the Energy Industry Strong.  That is the main reason we formed Women in Energy.

Our 2022 Winner of the Woman of Year, Denise Brigham, proves that she has earned the respect of her team members by their show of force at our dinner.

Judy Garber (R) presenting the 2022 Woman of the Year award to Denise Brigham (L)

Denise began her career after graduating high school in 1977.  She began in the file room (remember no computers then) of Reinhardt Corp, W. Oneonta, NY, a family-owned petroleum, HVAC and convenience store business since 1957, and climbed the ladder all the way to become CEO.

Elizabeth Levey, Director of Reinhardt Corp, has this to say about our 2022 winner, “Promoting Denise to CEO of Reinhardt Corporation in 2018 was the easiest decision to make.  Her honesty, dedication and compassion combined with her experience in every aspect of our company were and are equal to none.  She is without a doubt worthy of this recognition”.

Over her 45 years with the same organization, she did it all.  During the Pandemic, she like many in the room, had to pivot and she is proud to say she didn’t have to lay off any employees and was able to give hazard bonus to all.  When hours were reduced in their stores, all clerks received grocery bonuses that included staples to help feed their families.  Her next project – opening a liquor store.  She believes diversifying is the only way to survive in this industry.

Our winner, Denise Brigham, is like so many of our members, a busy professional woman.  She is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 10.  She has served on the Little League Board and very active member of Milford Sports Booster Club.  Their weekends involved traveling with their kids who were involved with sprint car racing and now it is time to enjoy the grandchildren’s sports.  She is a member of the board of ESEA and has attended other industry events.