Judy Garber Rising Star Award

In the spirit of our mission of connecting and empowering women in the energy industry, Women in Energy is proud to announce the winners of our new Award for 2022– the “Judy Garber Rising Star Award”  At our Annual Conference we honored “Two in Twenty-Two.”

This award recognized two, up-and-coming professional women that had less than eight years in the energy industry and who showed great promise of becoming our future industry and community leaders. The award has been named in honor of Judy Garber to recognize her long career in the energy industry and contributions to the energy  and dedication to the industry as a founder of Women in Energy and its creation five years ago.

“Judy Garber has paved the way for women in our industry throughout her career. This award is an outstanding opportunity to express our gratitude for Judy’s commitment to mentorship and recognize the next generation of leaders who follow in her footsteps,” said Erin Holohan Haskell, President of Women in Energy.

Our 2022 winners are Jacqueline Aceituno (L) , Operations/Production Manager for Taco Comfort Solutions and Meredith Smith (R), Manager of Project for Excellence and co-leader of the Women’s Resource Group, Renewable Energy Resources.

We congratulate our winners and encourage you to nominate your Rising Stars for 2023!

Jacqueline Aceituno (L) and Meredith Smith (R) with Judy Garber (Center)

Click on the link to learn more about the Winners of the Rising Star Award for 2022